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Our Emergency Dental Services

If you experience a dental emergency, including dental accidents, toothache, swollen jaw or gums, lost filling or crown, be sure to call our practice as soon as possible. We are here to help you, any time, any day with our emergency dental care services in Urbandale, Des Moines, Clive, and other cities in IOWA.

If it is during office hours, we will try to care for you the same day. If it is after hours please use our emergency number (515 276-7800) to reach a clinical member of our team (however, if you are not a current patient at our office, we will need to see you in the office prior to offering any after-hours assistance).

While dental emergencies are rare, they can happen, and it’s important to know how to take care of it.

What Are Common Dental Emergencies?

Lost Temporary Crown

Losing a temporary crown is not considered a dental emergency. We place them until your permanent restorations are getting ready as in the span of 2 weeks, the adjacent teeth can shift into the area that is created during the dental crown preparation. A temporary crown helps in maintaining this space until we place your permanent crown. It also provides protection for the underlying tooth and helps in the chewing function.

If you lose your temporary crown, call us immediately, and we will see you possibly the same afternoon or the following day. Restoring a temporary crown usually does not require anesthesia and takes about 20 minutes.

The adjacent teeth will not shift significantly in one or two days between the time when you get your temporary crown replaced at our office. If you lose your temporary crown over the weekend and experience excessive discomfort, you can use toothpaste or temporary cement (purchased from a local pharmacy) to place your temporary crown back on your tooth. You can then visit us the next business day.

Toothache Relief

Whenever you experience any tooth pain or discomfort, visit your dentist immediately. This can be a sign of a major dental problem that requires immediate attention. If a toothache occurs after hours, pain can be managed by taking Tylenol and Ibuprofen. However, check with your dentist before taking any medication.

Swollen Jaw Relief

A swollen jaw requires an emergency visit to your dentist. A swollen jaw is caused by a number of issues ranging from infection to trauma. Avoid hard foods and chewing gum to reduce stress on your jaw. Apply moist heat to the outside of your cheek near the jaw joint and take over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medication to alleviate the pain.

Lost Filling and Crown Repair

Losing a filling or crown that covers your tooth can cause pain or discomfort. We provide emergency dental care to help you alleviate the pain and discomfort. In case you lose your crown or filling, or your crown becomes loose, schedule an appointment with our emergency dentists in Urbandale Smiles at the earliest possible time. However, if this happens after hours, you can try a temporary fix. Get temporary cement or temporary filling material from Wal-Mart or Walgreens stores and place your crown or filling back on your tooth.

Abscess or Infection

When you develop an abscess or infection, it can cause pain that results in loss of sleep. Whenever you notice any swelling or infection on your gums, contact your dentist immediately. This is something that should not be ignored. If this happens after hours, you may consider seeking dental care at an ER.

Dental Repair

Sometimes accidents can affect your teeth. If your tooth becomes loose, or is broken, chipped, or knocked out, our team will help you restore your smile!

Mouth injuries may cause some blood. In case of bleeding, don’t panic. Use a clean towel or gauze to apply pressure on the affected area. If the injury gets to the cheeks or lips, you may require stitches. In that case, getting dental care at the ER is a better option. It is important to have an X-ray that checks the health of the affected tooth, and you may need a follow-up at a later date.

Call 911 immediately to get urgent care for any other medical or dental emergencies. Remember the information given here is generalized. Avoid taking any medications without consulting your doctor if you are allergic to them.

Request an appointment with us. You can also visit our clinic at 8078 Douglas Ave, Urbandale, Iowa 50322.