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Biocompatible, Holistic & Mercury-Free Dentistry in Urbandale, Iowa

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Holistic, Biocompatible, Biological & Mercury-Free Dentistry

Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal in Urbandale, Iowa

Mission Statement:

"Our goal is for our patients not only to have a healthy smile but for them to be able to maintain overall health. Knowing that your oral health correlates to a multitude of other possible conditions in your body only encourages us further, as a team, to help educate and treat our patients so that they can live their best life. We are proud to be an amalgam free office and have a strong focus on safe amalgam removal."

Holistic Dentistry services provided by Urbandale Smiles

  • Mercury-free dentistry
  • Safe removal of mercury “silver” fillings
  • Slow speed drilling to protect your teeth from trauma
  • Low radiation digital x-rays
  • Safe and cosmetic composite fillings, porcelain/ceramic inlays, onlays and crowns
  • Thorough periodontal examinations and non-surgical treatment of gum disease which affects 80% of American adults
  • Relief of TMJ, headache and related facial pain
  • Dental solutions for snoring and sleep disordered breathing/apnea

At Urbandale Smiles, we specialize in biocompatible and holistic dentistry to ensure that your overall health is always a priority.

The rapid advancements in technology have presented dentists with ample procedure alternatives that can boost our health rather than suppress it. For this reason, dentistry is nearing a transition into a new era of biological dentistry. We provide services and use materials with high biocompatibility for our patients, and with a focus on the mouth as a part of the whole body.

Schedule an appointment today with Dr. Steffany Mohan, who is SMART certified with the IAOMT for her expertise in safe mercury amalgam removal techniques and biocompatible dentistry. Dr. Steffany Mohan is one of the only dentists in the state of Iowa with this certification!

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What Is Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal?

When amalgam fillings are removed, dentists must be extremely careful that patients aren’t exposed to excess amounts of mercury. A SMART certified dentist like Dr. Steffany Mohan will use the IAOMT (International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology)-recommended procedures to remove amalgam fillings while reducing the potential negative health outcomes of mercury exposure.

Need an amalgam filling removed safely? Schedule an appointment with Dr. Steffany Mohan today!

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Biocompatible and Holistic Dentistry Approach

Biological dentistry has a twofold approach that considers how you would want to look externally and feel internally. Moreover, holistic & biocompatible dentistry practices (both major components of biological dentistry) often beat traditional dental methods regarding beauty and safety, providing you a natural appearance without compromising your overall health. Choosing a biocompatible and holistic dentist implies that you’re seeking treatment through a dentist who has your best interests in mind.

Our Expertise in Biological Dentistry

If you’re concerned about your complete well-being and want to stay away from harmful toxins and radiations, you will appreciate our biological dentistry practices. At Urbandale Smiles, our expert team is committed to providing you with a dental experience that is free of harmful toxins with materials that are biocompatible in an eco-friendly environment.

Our expert biocompatible and holistic dentist, Dr. Steffany Mohan, is genuinely concerned about your overall well-being, even outside of your smile! She has undertaken intensive training to enhance her knowledge of biological dentistry, which has allowed her to acquire her SMART (Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique) certification.

To learn more about holistic & biocompatible dentistry, or to set an appointment with our dentists near you, call our office at (515)207-4388 today!

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