3 Advantages of Green Dentistry for Patients and the Environment

Published on: October 14, 2020 By: Urbandale Smiles Posted in: Dental Services

Benefits of Green DentistryFrom aerospace to manufacturing – every industry is taking measures to improve the environment by going green. Even the dental industry is now taking efforts to become eco-friendly, one step at a time. 

Green dentistry, or eco-friendly dentistry, is an environmentally friendly way to provide dental care to patients. Dental practices are now using technology, materials, and treatments that are safe and beneficial for the planet. 

Various dental practitioners have realized the importance of green dentistry and are trying to reduce waste and prevent pollution. 

Let’s discuss the three significant green dentistry benefits

  1. Minimal use of disposable dental products

    Dentists who advocate for green dentistry eliminate the use of disposable dental products. Plastic pouches, plastic suction tips, latex gloves, etc, harm the environment considerably. Green dentistry replaces them with washable and reusable products like cloth patient bib, reusable cups, cloth headrest covers, etc. 
    Eco-conscious dentists use high-quality, biodegradable disinfectants and steam sterilization methods. These methods do not require separate ventilation for chemical vapors or need a special permit to dispose of hazardous waste and toxic chemicals into the water supply.  

  2. Reduce the release of harmful chemicals

    The treatment and technology used by green dentistry cause minimal damage to the environment and patients. Eco-friendly dentistry reduces the release of toxic substances like silver and lead by adopting environment-friendly measures. It also ensures minimal radiation exposure to patients.
    Digital radiography is the ideal and greener alternative imaging tool used to detect, diagnose, monitor, and treat patients' oral health problems. It uses digital X-ray sensors to capture images of the mouth and creates less radiation during the procedure. With digital X-rays, dentists can distinctly reduce the harmful chemicals, such as lead and silver, released into the environment.

  3. Metal-free dental restoratives

    Another great benefit of green dentistry is natural-looking teeth restorations. Eco-friendly dentistry adopts adhesive, metal-free teeth restoratives using porcelain veneers or composite bonding and crowns. 

    These metal-free dental restoratives help eliminate the usage of heavy metals, like silver amalgam fillings, that usually end up as a hazardous waste in the main water supply.  Silver amalgam fillings are not only harmful to the environment but are also equally unsafe for patients. Adhesive dental restoratives are aesthetic and natural-looking. They are preferred by patients and are also environment-friendly.  

How to find your green dentist?

It is not hard to find a green dentist near you. Dental practitioners who are the members of the Eco-Dentistry Association use office products, equipment, and supplies that are totally safe for the environment. Green dentists also use energy-efficient CFLs and motion sensors - conserving energy, water, and money. 

From switching from traditional X-rays to digital X-rays to using non-toxic floor varnish, and using washable and re-usable cloth material wherever possible, green dentistry is the future and first step towards a better tomorrow. 

At Urbandale Smiles, we practice green dentistry and provide environment-friendly dental service to our patients. If you are looking for an eco-friendly dentistry practice near you, contact us.


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