A Complete Guide to Basic Teeth Cleaning

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A Complete Guide to Basic Teeth CleaningA beautiful smile looks charming on anyone. It automatically makes you look confident and attractive. But how can we have one if our teeth have stains, plaque, or tartar accumulated over them? Getting your teeth cleaned professionally is the answer. Even if we take oral hygiene seriously, brush, and floss our teeth on a routine basis, tartar or stains can still develop on our teeth. 

Most dentists recommend having your teeth professionally cleaned every 6-12 months, along with practicing routine oral hygiene and regular visits to your dentist.

What is included in a Dental Cleaning Procedure?

Deposits like Tartar or Plaque that develop over your teeth over time are removed during a dental cleaning, which helps restore your happy and healthy smile. Tartar is a deposit in a hard calcified form that develops over your teeth. It leads to teeth decaying if not taken care of in time. In contrast, Plaque is a soft, sticky film of bacterium that leads to tooth decay and gum diseases. 

Dentists use several specialized instruments to remove these deposits and clean your teeth without causing any further damage. All dental instruments are thoroughly cleaned, disinfected, and sterilized to ensure safety and quality control. Fluoride Treatment is a significant method of teeth cleaning. It protects people from any risk of tooth decay. Urbandale Smiles offers free Fluoride Treatment on cleaning appointments. 

What is Fluoride Treatment?

It is the application of high concentrations of fluoride by a dentist in the form of a solution, gel, varnish, or foam to reduce the risk of cavities and tooth decay. Fluoride is also available in our toothpaste, but dentists use it in a higher concentration. So, it helps in the quicker recovery of our teeth.

When do you need extra Fluoride Treatment?

Fluoride treatment recommendations vary from person to person. Teeth may get stained or discolored for various reasons. If you want to make them brighter and whiter, you can do so safely through professional teeth whitening. When someone is at high risk of developing cavities or tooth decay, extra fluoride treatment during teeth cleaning can help them recover fast. 

If you are at a higher risk of developing cavities, your dentist might recommend getting fluoride treatment twice a year, along with your dental cleaning. People living in areas where fluoride levels in water are low must get fluoride treatments done for stronger, healthier teeth.  

What are the food sources of Fluoride?

Fluoride is a mineral that is a natural substance. Many food items and drinks contain fluoride. These include: 

  • Water: In many areas, fluoride is added to the water supply. 
  • Shrimp, blue spinach, crab, and grapes: Great sources of fluoride. 
  • Coffee and black tea:  Depends on the water it is cooked in.  
  • Sodas: Check its contents printed on the can for the amount of fluoride. 
  • Raisins: Rich in fluoride like grapes. 
  • Grape Juice: A great source of fluoride but also contains natural sugar, harmful to teeth. 

Other food items like cooked oatmeal, boiled potatoes, oysters, rice, etc. also contain fluoride. 

If you get your teeth cleaned regularly, it is painless and effective. It takes less than 30 minutes for most teeth cleaning procedures. Fluoride Treatment boosts your dental health significantly. You can talk to your dentist in case you feel any discomfort or pain. Your dentist is your best teeth cleaning guide and can recommend the best options for you and at suitable intervals. Teeth cleaning treatments enhance your looks and also make you feel fresh. 

Most importantly, teeth cleaning with fluoride treatment will help prevent periodontal disease and maintain oral health. Visit your dental care professional to know what is included in a dental cleaning procedure suitable for you. For more information about professional teeth cleaning and free fluoride treatments during your teeth cleaning appointment, visit us at Urbandale Smiles.


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