Are Dental Crowns Needed After the Root Canal Procedure?

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Root canal procedures primarily address the problem with a tooth which is infected or has a decaying pulp that requires urgent drilling and cleaning from inside. The integrity of your tooth is either lost or severely damaged after an invasive therapy like a root canal and you will need teeth reinforcement.  

Do You Need a Dental Crown After Root Canal ProcedureA dental crown after a root canal provides reinforcement to your tooth and restores its health and functionality. Although adding a dental crown is not necessary after every root canal procedure, all root canal procedures need tooth reinforcement. Read more to learn if you require one.

Is a Dental Crown Necessary After a Root Canal?

Studies reveal that a dental crown following a root canal improves the chance of tooth survival. One study recorded a six times higher survival rate for teeth with dental crowns. Another study states that only about one-third of the molars endure without a crown for five years.

Here are some crucial reasons why adding dental crowns after root canal procedures are needed.

  • Restore a Fragile Tooth

    A tooth can turn more fragile after the root canal treatment due to tooth-drilling, cavity or infection. A durable dental crown can protect this tooth and make it long-lasting while preventing any damage.

  • Protect a Tooth from Sensitivity

    Following root canal therapy, some of the existing nerves may develop extra sensitivity to heat and cold which can be very uncomfortable. This is another reason why a dental crown is needed to protect a tooth after the root canal procedure.

  • Retain a Natural-Looking Color

    Some teeth change color after a root canal treatment. If a tooth appears grayed or deeply stained, a dental crown can offer a more natural appearance and whiter shade to match the remaining teeth.

  • Prevent Infections

    The affected tooth surface is at a higher risk of infection and contamination post a root canal therapy. A dental crown will protect the tooth by sealing it off from dangerous leakage to avoid recontamination so that you do not need to undergo a tooth extraction.

  • Provide a Back-Up Security

    A tooth that previously had a filling due to extensive decay and got chipped or fractured before the root canal treatment, or if it’s in a high traffic area should necessarily be restored with a dental crown.

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Which Teeth Require Dental Crown Following a Root Canal?

A simple way to find out if you require a tooth crown after root canal is to locate where the affected tooth is in your mouth. You typically need a dental crown after a root canal on your back grinding teeth, molars and premolars. Front teeth, canines, and incisors may not require a dental crown. Your dentist will decide whether a dental crown after a root canal is needed.

After a root canal therapy, it is vital that you get a dental crown or another form of tooth restoration to maintain the health and longevity of your tooth.

Contact us to learn more about how getting a durable and stain-resistant dental crown can be helpful after your root canal treatment.

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