Critical Dental Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

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Critical Dental Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

Taking good care of your mouth and practicing good oral hygiene is an essential part of your overall health. Remember that dental issues are not always limited to your mouth. Instead, they can also be a precursor to many other health complications.

Here are some important dental symptoms which you should never ignore.

Changes in Your Gums

As you age, your risk of periodontal diseases also becomes higher. Visit your dentist as soon as possible if you are experiencing any change in your gum health. This is because, if diagnosed early enough, gum diseases are reversible.

Some common symptoms of gum disease include:

  • Pain and swelling in the gums
  • Change in gum color
  • Receding gums
  • Consistent bad breath
  • Bleeding and sensitivity

Toothaches or Sensitivity

If you have increased tooth sensitivity or toothache, it may be due to a cavity, an abscessed tooth, or a broken tooth. These conditions can cause a dental infection at any time, and they need to be addressed immediately.

Swelling In Your Jaw

A swollen jaw is also a dental condition requiring medical attention. Your jaws can swell either due to an infection or a blocked salivary duct. The pain can be very severe. Therefore this condition will need prompt treatment.

Tender or Sore Jaw Muscles

People who have a habit of clenching their jaw or grinding their teeth while sleeping can develop tender or sore jaw muscles leading to a condition known as temporomandibular disorder or TMD. Untreated pain in the jaw muscles can prevent you from opening your mouth. Therefore, consult your dentist as early as possible to avoid complications. This is a major dental symptom you should never ignore.

Bumps and Sores in Your Mouth

Even though most bumps or sores in your mouth are harmless, they may indicate deadly conditions such as oral cancer on rare occasions. You may also have persistent pain, bad breath, loose teeth, numbness in some areas, and even a lump in your neck. Do not take these symptoms lightly, and make sure to schedule an appointment with your dentist right away.

A Broken or Chipped Tooth

A broken or chipped tooth also needs an expert dentist's evaluation to ensure it does not get infected. While your dentist can easily treat small cracks with a dental filling, more serious cracks may require a root canal treatment. Therefore, get your broken or chipped tooth treated as soon as possible.

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Bad Breath

Many people suffer from bad breath that lingers, despite maintaining good oral hygiene. This should never be ignored, as it may indicate problems in your mouth or your overall health. For example, bad breath can be caused by gum diseases, dry mouth, diabetes, gastric reflux, or infections. Consult with a dentist if you are experiencing bad breath to rule out other serious medical conditions.

Loose or Lost Teeth

Unexpected tooth loss or shifting teeth can indicate advanced gum disease and the onset of osteoporosis. It reduces bone density and weakens your bones.
Some studies have connected osteoporosis and bone loss from the jaw. Older adults often face tooth loss as osteoporosis affects the jaw. About 33% of adults aged above 65 suffer from tooth loss.
If you are suffering from any of the symptoms mentioned here, do not ignore them and get the necessary help by contacting us immediately. At Urbandale Smiles, our dental professionals are well equipped to handle whatever dental emergency you throw at us. All you need to do is give us a call or schedule your appointment with us.


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