Facts About Oral Health and Pregnancy

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Oral Health and Pregnancy

It's very important for you to have the right awareness about the link between oral health and pregnancy. There are many myths concerning how your oral health will be affected by a pregnancy. The fact is that many of the myths aren't true, even though they seem to have merit.

Here are some facts related to your oral health and pregnancy and how to avoid the common dental problems during pregnancy:

Your Oral Health Is Important!
Your oral health is important. It's vital that you take care of your teeth at all times. Once you become pregnant, your body changes in many ways. This includes how the immune system deals with bacteria. Since the mouth is one of the most suitable areas for bacterial growth, it's important that you brush and floss your teeth regularly.

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Increased Risk of Canker Sores
Because of the increase in bacteria, canker sores can become more common during a pregnancy. Rinsing your mouth after eating and at various times during the day can keep the bacterial growth to a minimum and help to reduce your risk of canker sores.

Your Teeth Don't Leach Calcium During Pregnancy
During pregnancy, your teeth will be more susceptible to tooth decay. This is mostly due to the increased presence of bacteria, and not because of a decrease in Calcium as the baby grows and develops.

Protect Your Teeth From the Effects of Morning Sickness
Morning sickness increases the amount of stomach acid that is present in the mouth. The caustic nature of the hydrochloric acid can damage the sensitive enamel that covers your teeth. If you suffer from morning sickness, rinse your mouth after you use the restroom. Both brushing your teeth and rinsing with an anti-bacterial mouthwash will keep the acids to a minimum.

Looking after your teeth while you are expecting will help your oral health and pregnancy go hand in hand. It is also advised to take the necessary care of your teeth before, during and after the pregnancy. In order to maintain good oral health during pregnancy, you should visit your dentist for a checkup. The dentist will be able to help you find ways to protect your teeth during your pregnancy, as well as long after.


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