Family Dentistry Vs. General Dentistry: Things You Should Consider

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Family dentistry offers similar services to general dentistry, and both are often used interchangeably. However, certain services help you differentiate between these two dentistry practices. Thus, it’s important for you to understand the exact role of both the services, before choosing the right dental care for you and your family.

Family Dentistry vs. General Dentistry

1. Formal Education

Education and training are crucial for both family and general dentistry. Both family dentists and general dentists have to attend dental school and obtain an undergraduate degree before they can join an existing practice or set up their own practice. During this period, they also get the opportunity to decide which portion of the community they will serve.

2. Patient Age and Dental Care

All general dentists are committed to helping patients maintain healthy and attractive teeth. What distinguishes them is the age of patients they decide to focus on. While one general dentist may concentrate mainly on treating children up to a certain age, another one may prefer to focus on the treatment of young adults, and a third one may intend to establish a practice serving elderly patients. Whereas, family dentists aim to provide a positive dental experience to your whole family and offer a treatment package for every family member, regardless of their age. The same dentist who will educate your child about brushing habits will also discuss a dental bridge or dental implant with you.

3. Services Offered

General dentistry caters to a range of services but the treatments provided will usually target the patients of a particular age group only. A general dentist focused on treating older patients would probably include dentures and dental implants in their offered services. Therefore, before choosing a general dentist, make sure that they provide the dental services to meet the entire needs of your family; otherwise, you may have to visit multiple offices. Although Family dentists offer the same services that are provided by the general dentists, the range of their services is wider. This is because family practices cater to patients from every age group, ranging from small children to older adults. Thus, a family dentistry practice allows you to take care of your family’s dental care needs in one convenient location instead of visiting multiple locations.


It is essential to understand that both family and general dentistry seek to deliver the best possible solutions to their patients. In case you or your family member requires care that is beyond the range of their practice, you should visit a specialist. However, the goal of dental professionals is to ensure that their patients achieve excellent dental health.

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