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Holistic Dentist in Iowa - Dr. Danielle Bryan

Holistic dentistry is founded on the belief that dental and oral problems can be understood only in the context of the whole body since dental health conditions can affect overall wellbeing—and vice versa. Biocompatible (or biological) dentistry takes off from this premise to uphold that all dental tools, medications, and procedures used are biocompatible, risk-free and do not compromise a patient’s overall health.

Biocompatible dentists apply the combined belief of both biological and holistic dentistry when determining the most suitable course of treatment for their patients.

Removal of Mercury Amalgam Fillings through Biocompatible Dentistry

Biological dentists are aware that not all dental resources are created alike, and everyone will not react to those resources in the same way. Through the biocompatible dentistry approach, dentists are better able to decide which materials provide the highest safety, longevity, and reliability for every individual.

Mercury amalgam fillings, popularly called silver fillings, are as much as 50% mercury and can be dangerous to extract without proper training. Mercury exposure can take place through an incorrect removal of amalgam fillings. When mercury accumulates in the body over time, it can cause tissue damage to vital organs like the brain, the kidneys, and more.

As more and more people are considering the removal of their mercury fillings, it is essential for dentists to understand the proper method of removing amalgams so that mercury exposure to the patient, the dental staff, and the surrounding environment is minimal. Merely extracting a mercury amalgam filling can discharge high levels of mercury vapors and substances that could be potentially harmful if inhaled. By using the Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique (SMART), mercury-free dentists can remove your mercury amalgam fillings without compromising your safety and wellbeing.

SMART- Certified, Mercury-Free Dentist in Iowa

SMART denotes both the safety principles and technique set up by the IAOMT (International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology) for the sound removal of mercury amalgam fillings. SMART involves specialized coursework including the dangers of mercury and the most suitable methods of its safe removal. Moreover, the SMART program delivers instruction in the meticulous standards required for the safety of everyone involved.

Dr. Danielle Bryan is a SMART certified, mercury-free dentist in Iowa. Dr. Danielle Bryan is a committed biocompatible dentist, serving the residents of Iowa, and her SMART Certification complements her endeavors of providing the best dental care to her patients.

If you want to learn more about our biological dentistry practice or to schedule an appointment for safe removal of your previous mercury amalgam fillings, contact our dental office today.


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