How Does Invisalign® Fix Gapped Teeth

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Your smile does more than make you look beautiful. Your smile is a gesture that shows your positivity and self-confidence and improves your mood and overall health. Sadly, some people smile less or tend to hide their smiles because they are embarrassed about their gapped teeth. If you are concerned with the gaps between your teeth, do not worry, Invisalign® can fix it! 

Invisalign for gapped teeth

Read to learn more about how Invisalign® can fix gapped teeth.

  1. What Are Gap Teeth? 

    If you have extra space between two or more of your teeth, it is referred to as gap teeth. Diastema is the medical term used for gapped teeth, which applies to both small and large gaps. Previously, veneers or bonding was used to fix gaps between the teeth. Now, Invisalign® clear aligners have become the best and most popular option to treat gapped teeth. 

  2. What Are the Causes of Gapped Teeth?

    Factors that contribute to gaps between the teeth include:

    • Missing teeth
    • Gum disease
    • Tongue thrust
    • Usage of a pacifier or thumb sucking
    • Having a large frenulum or small teeth
    • Crowded teeth
    • Different-sized teeth
    • Genetics
    • Mouth structure
  3. Are There Any Risks of Gapped Teeth?

    The biggest risk that people with gapped teeth face is losing their self-confidence and being unhappy with their smile. Besides this, gapped teeth can:

    • Cause gum disease
    • Create pockets between your gums and teeth where food can accumulate
    • Make your gums feel sore, painful, tender, or uncomfortable 
  4. How Invisalign® Fixes Gapped Teeth and Why Invisalign Is Preferable?

    Invisalign® fixes the gaps between your teeth and helps you get your desired smile without any discomfort. By wearing the device, Invisalign® clear aligners gently push your teeth into proper position over time. The time required for fixing the gaps with Invisalign® varies from person to person depending on how much their teeth need to move to get the desired result, the complexity of the case, and the pace of the teeth movement. On average, the process takes 8 to 12 weeks to seal the gaps between the teeth. 

    Invisalign® aligners are clear, transparent, and almost impossible to notice. Also, you can remove them when eating and brushing. On the other hand, traditional braces are visible and not easily removable. Additionally, Invisalign® clear aligners are durable and can last long if you handle them with care. However, conventional braces can easily get damaged. 

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    For these reasons, Invisalign® is preferable for gapped teeth. 

  5. Do Gaps Between Teeth Widen with Age?

    As children grow, their jaw is getting bigger but baby teeth remain the same size. They may have temporary gaps when their baby teeth start to fall out, which is normal and does not cause any concern. Adults develop gaps due to a mismatch between teeth size and jaw bone size or natural or behavioral reasons. This is also normal. 
    As we grow older, our teeth have a natural tendency to move towards the front of the mouth. This migration causes crowding, so gaps between teeth normally do not widen with age. However, this could happen if you put abnormal pressure on your teeth or have gum disease.  

  6. What Are the Other Options to Treat Gapped Teeth?

    The other options that can fix gapped teeth include:

    • Tooth Bonding

      Bonding can be an effective solution if gaps between the teeth are small. In dental bonding, tooth-colored composite material is applied to the tooth to close gaps and improve your smile. 

    • Dental Veneers

      Reshaping is required to fix large gaps between the teeth. With dental veneers, the tooth is shaved down to provide a surface that can be covered with porcelain, which is then shaped to match the remaining teeth. 

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