Dental Care: Poor Oral Hygiene Can Affect Your Overall Health

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Usually, we associate poor dental hygiene with health issues such as oral infections, cavities, and tooth decay. However, did you know that poor oral hygiene can also have negative effects on your overall health and can lead to other more severe health problems?

poor oral hygiene affects overall health

Read on to learn how your oral health affects your overall health and why you should maintain good dental hygiene to avoid serious future health issues.

Leads to Respiratory Infection:

Respiratory infections like pneumonia and other breathing problems can occur if you are not maintaining proper dental care and hygiene. According to experts, you can easily breathe in the bacteria present in your mouth and gums, or the bacteria can travel through the bloodstream and reach your lungs. This can lead to inflammatory reactions and lung infections.

Risk of Heart Diseases:

If you have a severe gum infection and other periodontal diseases then you are twice at risk of acquiring heart problems. Bacteria can enter into your bloodstream and can block your arteries by causing plaque buildup. The blood circulation of the body gets affected and you are at an increased risk of heart attack or stroke. In severe cases, you can also develop endocarditis, a fatal condition where the inner lining of the heart becomes infected and inflamed.

Can Cause Dementia:

If you have infected gums and teeth or you suffer from gingivitis, then the bacteria can enter your brain through your bloodstream or nerve channels. This can lead to dementia and possibly even Alzheimer’s disease.

Complicate Your Diabetes:

If you are a diabetic patient, inflammation of gum tissue and periodontal disease can make it harder to control your blood sugar. Gum disease can lead to higher blood sugar levels and can lead to further complications. Therefore, people with diabetes need to take good care of their dental health. The dentists can also make sure that the patient's blood sugar levels are normal to prevent complications. 

Practice Proper Dental Hygiene: The message is clear: Good oral hygiene is a must for your overall health. Practice good dental care habits by brushing twice, and flossing daily. Use a proper toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste to avoid oral bacteria. Also, encourage your family members to practice good oral hygiene and go for regular cleanings. Call for Appointment

A routine dental examination ensures your and your family’s well-being. It will not just protect your teeth but will also prevent serious illnesses as mentioned above. If you need any advice and help regarding your oral health, contact us

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