Teeth Whitening: Get a Beautiful Smile in Urbandale

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teeth Whitening in Urbandale

A person’s smile outshines their other physical attributes such as hair and eyes as the most physically appealing feature. Among the most common methods to make a clear-cut difference to your smile’s appearance is a professional teeth-whitening treatment. Teeth whitening treatments lighten your teeth color to improve their general appearance by delivering you a brighter smile and decreasing tooth discoloration.

The cosmetic teeth whitening treatment offered by Urbandale Smiles, dentists in Iowa, is based on the industry standards and we provide the most impressive whitening results, imparting the “wow-factor” to our patient’s smile.

Why Teeth Discolor

Besides the aging effects, certain chemicals in foods, drinks, and tobacco can also alter the color of your teeth. Medications like tetracycline, too much fluoride, and past dental work may also lead to ugly stains on your tooth enamel. Genetics can also contribute to your teeth discoloration.

Professional Teeth Whitening

While you may be aware that tooth enamel is white the actual, unstained color of your teeth can vary from shining white to bluish gray to light yellow. Even with your regular brushing and flossing, stains can ruin your beautiful smile and hinder your self-confidence.

Teeth whitening is an easy cosmetic procedure if done correctly. This process requires using an excellent teeth-whitening agent, a simple and effective process of applying the agent to the teeth, and a suitable accelerator light.

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How is Teeth Whitening Performed?

There are two popular professional teeth whitening procedures that include:

Violet LED Light Activated Gel Method

  • This method uses professional whitening gel, available with the dentists, to give you the most suitable results in the quickest time possible.
  • The procedure is considered to be a much safer, more trusted, and longer-lasting teeth whitening solution. Dentists activate this whitening gel using a professional super violet LED light.
  • The purple LED spectrum of light is recognized as the best light frequency to deliver express whitening with little to no risk of sensitivity.
  • Patients have resulted in shades up to 8 times lighter than before within a single 20-minute session. Depending on the seriousness of your stains, your session may extend up to 90 minutes.

Custom Built-in Whitening Tray Method

  • Dentists create a customized tray in which the whitening gel is placed. It will perfectly, and easily, set into your teeth.
  • You can either choose to visit the dental office for follow-up treatments or perform them at home until you attain your desired results.
  • This treatment is considered to be a risk and pain-free procedure for your mouth and teeth.
  • When done correctly, this procedure will result in stain-free teeth, up to 10 times lighter shade than before.

Although the teeth whitening results may differ from person to person, your smile will undergo a beautiful transformation. Dentists at Urbandale Smiles in Iowa can help you identify the most suitable shade of white to go with the natural appearance of your smile, after a thorough review of your teeth condition.

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