Breastfeeding and Dental Health: Things Dentists Want You to Know

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Some new mothers are worried about keeping their dental health in top shape while they’re breastfeeding. Check out some commonly asked questions by new mothers about breastfeeding and dental health.

breastfeeding and dental health

Can Breastfeeding Cause Tooth Decay in Mothers?

Tooth decay in breastfeeding moms could result from lifestyle changes such as a decline in dental care, midnight snacking, and lactation cookies. Cavity prevention is crucial for nursing moms so that it doesn’t get transferred to their babies. You can prevent tooth decay by practicing basic dental care like brushing twice a day, flossing once a day, following a healthy lifestyle, and visiting your dentist regularly.

Can You Get Dental Work While Breastfeeding?

Depending on the requirements of your dental treatment, you can undergo dental work while breastfeeding. Never ignore a dental problem and inform your dentist that you are a nursing mom. This will allow them to recommend a compatible treatment and medication to avoid any side effects. Although, most oral and IV sedation medications, dental x-rays, and diagnostic tests are considered safe for the mother and baby.

Is It Safe to Breastfeed After Dental Work?

If your dental work requires medication while nursing, consult your dental specialist, physician, and pediatrician to make sure that it is safe for your baby. Many dentists prescribe medicines after a dental procedure that are specific to lactating mothers. Most of these medications do not get absorbed into the milk or are poorly absorbed, and does not affect the infant’s health. 

Is Root Canal Safe During Breastfeeding?

If your dentist has recommended you dental fillings or root canals, he may also prescribe certain painkillers and antibiotics that will help decrease the symptoms of an oral infection. It is safe to resume breastfeeding while undertaking most dental treatments like a root canal and associated medication. However, your dentist may take a precautionary approach and suggest you discontinue nursing temporarily while taking medication to rule out any adverse effects.

Why New Moms Should Take Care of Their Dental Health?

As a new mom, it is difficult to find the time for self-care, let alone your dental care. You’re extremely busy, fatigued, and overwhelmed with the responsibilities of early motherhood. However, this is a crucial time to maintain your oral health and see your dentist because it will help you remain healthy and comfortable to take better care of your baby. Also, it will positively impact your baby’s health too.

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