5 Things You Can Do for Your Bleeding Gums

Published on: May 25, 2020 By: Urbandale Smiles Posted in: Periodontics Dentistry

There are many reasons that cause bleeding gums, such as gingivitis, vitamin deficiency, or even pregnancy. Bleeding gums can be a sign of medical conditions like leukemia, lack of platelets, or periodontitis. Be sure to take immediate action if your gum bleeding becomes consistent. 

things to do for bleeding gumsHere are 5 things you can do for bleeding gums:

  1. Regular Brushing with Fluoride Toothpaste

    Brush at least twice a day using a fluoride toothpaste for the best results. Fluoride is known to prevent tooth decay and cavities by strengthening tooth enamel. Also, use a brush with soft bristles that is not too harsh on your sensitive gums and brush in a gentle, circular motion. If you notice your gums bleeding while brushing your teeth, consider changing your toothbrush. 

  2. Flossing

    Regular flossing improves gum health and reduces bleeding over time. Using interdental brushes or flossing can help remove plaque and food particles stuck in areas that a regular toothbrush cannot reach. If these deposits are not removed, it can lead to the build-up of bacteria and cause bleeding gums.

  3. Rinse with a Fluoride Mouthwash 

    Using an antibacterial mouthwash containing fluoride can be effective in treating bleeding gums and maintaining overall oral hygiene. Regular rinsing helps prevent the build-up of plaque in the gums, on the teeth’s surface, and between teeth. It also helps in reducing inflammation of sensitive and swollen gums as well as freshen your breath by killing bacteria. 

  4. Follow a Healthy Diet and Lifestyle

    A healthy diet and lifestyle are good for your gum health as well as for your overall well being. Implement a diet that has a minimum sugar intake and eat as many foods containing essential nutrients like vegetables and leafy greens. Avoid starchy, processed foods that can stick to your teeth and gums. Also, avoid drinking alcohol and smoking as they can have an adverse effect on your oral health.

  5. Visit Your Dentist

    If you notice that your gum bleeding is consistent despite maintaining good oral hygiene as well as a healthy diet and lifestyle, visit your dentist as soon as possible. A dentist will examine your gums and teeth and check for signs of early-stage gum disease or other potential causes. The dentist may recommend treatment to help your bleeding gums, such as thorough cleansing or periodontal surgery.

What is the home remedy for bleeding gums?

Here are some home remedies for bleeding gums. Try massaging your gums with clove oil, aloe vera pulp, or turmeric paste. All of these have antibacterial properties known to reduce gum inflammation and prevent gum disease. Alternatively, you can also use an ice compress or rinse your mouth with warm saltwater for immediate relief from bleeding gums.


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