5 Tips for Self-Care After a Root Canal Procedure

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Latest advancements in dentistry have made root canal therapy more comfortable and effective. However, it’s necessary to adhere to a few rules for self-care after the root canal treatment to ensure a fast and successful recovery.

self-care after root canal

Why Self-Care After Root Canal Is Important

Root canal treatment is mostly required when a large cavity or injury causes damage to the root of a tooth, and the tooth cannot be secured with a simple filling. It involves a rather routine procedure that provides excellent outcome to strengthen your natural tooth and protect it from further damage.

Tips for Self-Care After Root Canal

If you have been referred for a root canal therapy, discuss the guidelines for self-care after root canal with your dentist. Here are 5 tips that you should follow to take care after the root canal treatment:

1. Take Prescribed Medication

If you suffered a tooth infection and antibiotics were prescribed to you after the procedure, make sure to take them exactly as prescribed without missing a dose.

2. Reduce Stress on the Tooth

Avoid eating or chewing until the numbness and sensitivity in your mouth have subsided to prevent biting your tongue or other soft tissues in your mouth. This is also helpful in minimizing the stress and discomfort on the treated tooth until your dentist permanently restores it.

3. Choose Only Soft Foods

Eating crunchy or hard foods increases the danger of damaging the temporary filling. Avoid eating hard foods to prevent damage to the filling or even breaking the tooth, and stick with softer foods including mashed potatoes, apple sauce, and ice cream. For additional safety, try to chew on the other side of the mouth.

4. Maintain Proper Oral Hygiene

The tooth and gums near the affected area will require proper care. However, initially, after the treatment, maintain caution when brushing and flossing. If you experience difficulty in flossing near the temporary filling, be gentle and take your time to adjust gradually. Consult your dentist for proper advice on brushing and flossing techniques for your specific condition.

5. Remain in Touch with Your Dentist

Remember, root canal therapy is just the primary step for managing an injured or infected tooth. Go to your dentist for regular follow-ups after your root canal to check how the healing is taking place. The dentist might suggest a permanent tooth restoration, if they see a need to reinforce your tooth and to restore all the normal function of your mouth.

Thanks to the technological advancements in dentistry, nowadays, patients don’t have to endure severe pain after root canal. You may experience a minor swelling or a slight discomfort for one or two days that gradually subsides with proper self-care after a root canal.

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