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Cosmetic Dentistry in Urbandale, Iowa

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Cosmetic Dentistry Urbandale

Cosmetic dentistry is the art of giving you an attractive smile by repairing a tooth or the whole structure. It makes your teeth appear beautiful and healthy. The procedures could include teeth whitening, straightening or replacing of a missing tooth. Some patients may require just one of the treatments while some may need to go through more procedures. It completely depends on their oral condition.

Many people have teeth stains that make them feel self-conscious. There are many options available to cover these teeth stains such as white filling. Chipped teeth can be remedied with porcelain veneers. The broken tooth is restored to its original shape or it is sometimes improved with the help of advanced cosmetic options like bridges and crowns. We restore your tooth and make them appear beautiful, shiny and strong.

Different procedures have different treatment times. Small and simple issues like a chipped tooth can be treated in a day while others may take longer because they are complex and require consultation and laboratory based restoration. For example, laboratory oriented procedures like porcelain veneers take about 2-3 weeks. The images of your tooth taken at our dental offices are sent to a laboratory to make the customized restorations based on those specified images. While the laboratory work continues to create the permanent restorations, patients are provided with temporary crowns, veneers and bridges. Once the permanent ones are ready, patients can come and get the new ones fixed.

All the procedures we offer to our patients ensure that they have a wonderful smile to improve their social image, career and business.

We also offer complete smile makeovers under cosmetic dentistry. These help in straightening, whitening and replacing the missing teeth for a brand new smile. You can fix an appointment with us and visit for consultation. We will discuss your requirement and the treatment plan. Once the treatment plan is decided, our dentists will compile all the necessary information. Patients will go through examination, images and impressions of the teeth and mouth to be sent to a laboratory for preparing restorations. In the meantime, dentists perform the treatment procedures. The duration and the cost will depend on the complexity of the treatment.

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