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Root Canal Procedure in Urbandale, Iowa

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Root Canal Procedure

People often fear visiting a dental clinic as many believe that it would be a painful experience. These preconceived notions lead people to avoid their routine dental check-ups and cleanings which ultimately results in dental problems such as cavities, pain and tooth loss, gum disease, and other serious problems.

When a cavity is left untreated, it often turns into a larger issue and becomes a root canal. A root canal is considered one of the best options to save an infected tooth. It is falsely perceived as an immensely painful procedure; however, it's actually a painless procedure as local anesthesia is used to make the mouth numb during the treatment, just like you would have done for a filling.

During a root canal, your tooth is numbed then the infected area, which is also known as nerve or the root portion of the tooth, is cleaned. The canal is filled with a stable material and sealed. After treatment, your tooth structure is weakened and may need a crown. This process ensures that your tooth is strong enough to function smoothly.

Many people have agreed that the root canal process in our office is stress free, and may save your tooth, enabling you to speak and chew normally.

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