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My curiosity got the better of me…
Dr. Wu and her husband, Brandon, successfully operated a general practice for eight years in Arizona, helping patients with restorative, cosmetic, and sleep dentistry. She began to notice the connection between the health of a patient’s mouth and their overall well-being. It was then she discovered holistic and biological dentistry, and saw how it can impact patient’s lives through their oral health. 
What do we mean by holistic dentistry? 
Traditional dentistry focuses on dental health, whereas a holistic approach is to focus on the person’s entire health to get to the root cause of their problem.
Why consider holistic dentistry?
If you are concerned about your overall wellness and prefer a more natural alternative to conventional treatments and materials, holistic dentistry could be for you.
Frequently Asked Questions
Why Should you Remove Mercury Fillings?
Despite the evidence now available, which shows a link between chronic mercury exposure and Alzheimer’s Disease, approximately half of American dentists are still placing mercury amalgam fillings into their patient’s mouths!Many patients are told that amalgam fillings are stronger than tooth-colored fillings. But this just isn’t true!

Dental amalgam fillings contain more than 50 percent mercury. This means low level mercury vapor can be released and then inhaled or swallowed and absorbed by the lungs. High levels of mercury vapor are associated with damage to the central nervous and immune systems with various adverse effects to the brain and kidneys.A study in 2015 ‘Alzheimer’s Research and Therapy’ concluded that women who were exposed to mercury amalgam fillings were more than 13 per cent more likely to develop Alzheimer’s Disease than women who had not been exposed to mercury.

Rest assured that we do not use amalgam, nickel or other metals to fill cavities. Instead, we use healthier materials such as composite resin.Also, if you already have mercury fillings, please don’t worry. These can be removed safely at our dental office and replaced with composite.

What are the benefits of doing Ozone?
Kills viruses and bacteria. Boosts the immune system and helps to maintain healthy living cells. In addition, Ozone enhances the body’s ability to heal by adding extra oxygen.
What is Silver Nitrate
A sealant type material that requires no drilling to help reverse small cavities and help heal the tooth. Mostly used on children but can be used on adults. It is the holistic version of silver diamine fluoride. It can be done alone or with other treatment depending on the surfaces of the tooth that would need it.
What is NuCalm?
It is a natural way to help ease anxiety in the office without medication or side effects of laughing gas. The patient wears headphones that play sounds of binary rhythms that send rhythms to the brain to help calm the brain, the patient also wears pads behind their ears that have vibrations of e-stimulation.
Dental Material Sensitivity Testing
The patient receives the kit from our office and sends it in themselves. We recommend this test because if a material is unknowingly used and is incompatible, it can interfere with the meridian of that tooth. If a patient goes to a functional medicine practitioner or someone that knows how to trace meridians using any type of technology they have, then they may detect something wrong with the organ connected to the tooth in questions via the meridian.
What is Prolozone Therapy?
An injection of a mixture of oxygen and ozone. It is a healing injection technique that promotes the body to heal itself. It does this by using activated oxygen in a gas form which consists of Ozone (1-3%) & Oxygen (97% -99%), procaine and may use other minerals or vitamins. By providing the body with these nutrients it allows and helps the cell membranes to heal, improving circulation to the area, reducing inflammation & swelling while promoting stem cells and blast cells This helps reduce & eliminate pain and can tighten loose ligaments.

Safe Amalgam Removal
A multi-step protocol to protect you from mercury vapor exposure. Mercury can harm the kidneys and permanently damage a child’s developing neurological system. Mercury has been implicated as a contributory factor in some cases of multiple sclerosis, parkisons disease, irritable bowel syndrome, alzheimers, depression, fatigue and anxiety.
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Holistic Treatments
Airway – Centered
The term “airway-centered dentistry” means a type of dentistry that is practiced by a dentist who is familiar with sleep related breathing disorders, airway health, and knows how to assess if there is insufficient development of the jaws. Oxygen and breathing are king, and so this is one of the first things that is assessed for in a patient.

The dentist evaluates facial structures and symmetry, arch development, the soft tissues (including lips, tongue, and throat), as well as the dentition. If discrepancies are noted, the dentist will help guide a patient through the appropriate treatment. Both children and adults are assessed, and there are many options to treat both. The goal is for health and wellness through optimal breathing and sleep. Every patient in our office gets a complimentary screening.

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Holistic Treatments
Amalgam Removal
Amalgam fillings (more commonly known as “silver fillings”) have at least 50% mercury, which is toxic to the body. When removing mercury fillings, more mercury can be released. Thus, organizations such as the IABDM and IAOMT have set standard protocols to remove them safely so that the patient, doctor, and the assistant are all protected.

Equipment is used in the operatory to ensure mercury vapors are properly being filtered out of the air. An example of how a safe amalgam removal is performed can be found here: https://youtu.be/NFjQtf5eWkc

Woman post amalgam removal
Holistic Treatments
Ozone Therapy
Oxygen is life, and therefore very healing. Ozone is composed of 3 oxygen atoms and enhances the body’s ability to heal by delivering extra oxygen. More specifically, it helps increase ATP activity via powerhouse organs in each cell of the body called mitochondria.

Ozone therapy is mainly used in gum therapy treatments, cavity disinfection, and to desensitize teeth. If cavities are small enough, it can also heal them.

High concentrations of ozone will kill bacteria very quickly, and the agent is around a thousand times more powerful than other bacteria killing agents such as bleach. Studies have shown that it only takes 10 seconds of ozone therapy to kill 99 percent of bacteria in a patient’s teeth including fungi and viruses.

The Benefits of Ozone Dental Treatment:
- Eliminates the use of drills and fillings.
- Eliminates the use of anaesthetics.Kills 99% of bacteria in cavities.
- Can whiten discoloured cavities.Excellent for nervous or anxious patients.

Ozone dental therapy is an excellent preventative measure in combating tooth decay. If you are the parent of a large family then think of the advantages of early prevention of tooth decay; no more expensive fillings or rotten teeth.

Woman post amalgam removal
Holistic Treatments
Biocompatible Dentistry
Certain foods are not compatible with the body – the same can be said of certain dental materials. Teeth are connected to organs in the body via energetic pathways called meridians, and it is important that each person be tested to ensure what is put on their teeth is compatible with their genetic makeup.

While Dr. Wu does ensure that the materials we use are the least toxic possible and BPA free, the patient is informed of biocompatibility testing options for their best health benefit. Biocompatibility tests are available via labs Dr. Wu works with and also through practitioners that can help muscle test materials for the patient.

Fluoride-free dentistry. Fluoride is considered a neurotoxin; biological and holistic dentists seek to treat dental disease with fluoride-free options. This usually consists of dental nutritional counseling and using fluoride-free products we have in the office. Please inquire more information on this when you come visit us for your exam.

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Green Dental Practice in Urbandale
What Is Green Dentistry?
Green dentistry refers to the approach of providing dental care treatments using procedures, materials, and technologies that are safe for the environment. According to the Eco-Dentistry:

- Association, a green dental practice is one that practices:
- Conservation of energy, water, and moneyReduction in the generation of waste and pollution
- Use of advanced dental technology and innovations